Special Thanks to:
Ron Couture - Chairman, Lois O'Leary - Secretary, Don Clowes, Kris Casucci, Celeste Leger, Ann Mathieu, Carol Plumb of the Brookfield Historical Commission
Michael Seery - Brookfield Town Clerk
Robert W. Wilder - mapmaker and historian
Dennis LeBeau and Pamela LeBeau of the East Brookfield Historical Commission
Richard Rossman - Chairman, David Fitzgerald - Secretary, Amy Dugas, Anne-Marie Nolan, Barbara Rossman, Anne Philips, Craig Burgess, Ed Londergan, Louise Garwood of the West Brookfield Historical Commission
Amy Dugas - of the Quaboag Historical Society
Connie Small - of the New Braintree Historical Society
Linda Grace and Brandon Avery of the North Brookfield Historical Society
Bill Jankins, Amy Dugas, Margurite Geis, Kirk Burnham of the Quaboag Historical Society
Brenda Metterville - Library Director, Merrick Public Library
Gwyneth (Wendy) Payette - Library Director, East Brookfield Library
Ann Kidd - Library Director, Haston Free Public Library
Carrie Grimshaw - Library Director, Merriam-Gilbert Public Library
George Pisarczyk - Maps Contributor
Bill Jankins - Photographs, documents, and videos Contributor
Brenda Metterville, Mike Seery, Ron Couture, Don Faugno and Karen Trainor - Historic Documents Committee of Brookfield
Kevin Parker - videographer and contributor
Tyler Nickerson - videographer and contributor
W. H. Bonney - Postcard Collection and Slideshow - Quaboag/Quacumquasit Lake Association
Leah Smith - West Brookfield Genealogy Website
Martha DeWolf - Letters from Betsey Wheeler
Chet Fenton - Early Settlers of New Braintree
Everett Allen - Memoir and Scrapbook
Derick Veliz - Aerial Video Contributor
Elizabeth Crowley, Mia, and fellow students - Genealogy Website Resource
Bill Jankins, Ruth Lyon, Charles Whitman, James Pierce, Richard Buzzell, Norma Russo, Fern Maskill, Raymond Lindsey, Barry Gillogly, Bob Datz, Warren Tirrell - District 2 School Memories - Video
Josephine Heim and Chloe - Genealogy Website Resource
Steve and Julia - Genealogy Website Resource
Elizabeth Andrews, Kensie, and fellow students - Via Liberty Cruises, History of Ellis Island and immigrant genealogical resouces
Rev. David Libby, Mrs. Betty Ann Libby, David Libby Jr., and Debbie Arnold - the commission, scanning, and transcription of the 1752 Covenant of the North Brookfield -Second Parish - Congregational Church.
Emily Fletcher - HomeGuides - Genealogy and Ancestry Guide